Friday, February 12, 2016

Stacking Things

I have been going into the elementary school to present character education lessons once a month this year.  It's a paid position, but just barely.  The kids are great, but it's a challenge to think of fun, relevant activities and information to present to explain whatever the concept of that month is to kids from Kindergarten to 6th grade.  The value for month of February was cooperation.

I had the older kids do the same cup stacking activity that we did at the Christmas party this year.  The kids really seemed to enjoy it.  We even got tricky and had the kids flipping the cups over in different directions for the stack.

This game is a great example of cooperation.  Morgan should be quite the expert as we've done it a few different times now.

Glenn and I tried our hand at stacking something, also.  His company hosts a "winter party" every year and this year one of the activities had was the game Jenga.  Very large Jenga!

A Jenga selfie.

We're not big Jenga players, but it was fun to try our hand at this unusually large version.  It got very wobbly by the end, of course, and sadly, I was the one who knocked it over.  It was much louder and more dramatic than the usual tip-over in Jenga!

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