Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Babies galore!

Our Ellea sure loves babies! She was very excited to hear were going to have a few visiting over the weekend. Some are more cuddly than others, but they're all fun to play with and have around.

This is Glenn's nephew Steve and lovely wife Christina's little Ben (almost 1 year). He is a delightful little guy and every one's favorite baby to cuddle. Mostly, because he's willing to cuddle. Note he's holding a baby doll. He was fascinated by this baby doll and I suggested he should have one at home to play with. His dad was a little alarmed at the idea, but I told him Morgan had one. That seemed to make him feel a *little* better.

This is Glenn's nephew Joe and his lovely wife Jen's daughter Andie. She's about one and a half. She's got a definite mind of her own and only cuddles with a select few. Ellea did get some time holding her and enjoyed it. With this girl, you take what you can get!

This is one of the twins (lovely Jen's twin sister, Amy's, girl. Got it? There will be a test.) Sorry, but I can't tell you if this is Kate or Glory. I can't see her earrings (one twin has pink, the other purple), and I don't remember who was wearing this outfit. Any-who, the twins are 2 and a half and Ellea was great about playing with them. This girl is totally in her element when she's got babies or small children around. She says she wants to be a babysitter when she grows up.

She's been pestering me to have another baby for over a year. She's planning for said Poxleitner baby to sleep in her room. She will get up with it during the night. She will change all the diapers. I told her she better pray pretty hard about it. She says she's working on it!


Anonymous said...

EEEGADS,Oh PLEASE, get that child a chimpanzee!

Anonymous said...

Great pics of Ellea with the babies! Your suggestion must have sank in, as Ben received a doll for his 1st birthday...I am more "ok" with it since Morgan has turned out so well! (Steve K.)