Monday, May 16, 2011

Horses and Kittens and Calves, Oh My!

We had an EPIC day of fun on Sunday. We were descended upon by the Kaufman/Eddy Clan, et al. There were 10, count 'em, 10 bodies under the age of 18. (Sorry Jeff, you're still included in that group!) The weather wasn't anything to get excited about, but we powered on in our quest for fun.

We took the Eddy twins on their first horse back ride (another post about that soon).

We checked out the kittens. (No animals were injured in the creation of this post.)

Nicole showed us her bottle calf. Look at the size of that bottle!

We said hi to the pigs. One of the twins asked why, if she stuck her fingers through the fence, would the pig maybe bite her? Good question. I'll have a talk with them about that kind of behavior. (No fingers were injured in the creation of this post.)

Some people braved the rain enough to go to the pond and do some fishing. A fun time was had by all (except maybe the fish). Most of the moms and small children stayed warm and dry at home. We had a yummy "Better than Sleeping Through the Night" cake made by Jen in honor of the May birthdays.

Phil and Jeff played a rousing game of "Operation" with Morgan and Noah. (No humans were injured in the creation of this post.)

It was all good. The Kaufman/Eddy clan is welcome to come back anytime.

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Jen said...

Really? We are really welcome to come back any time? You guys are saints. :)